Codes of Conduct

Industry interactions with Healthcare professionals and Healthcare Organisations

In the interest of patients and of pharmaceutical innovation, a close collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals (HCPs) is an absolute must. Industry and HCPs share information about new medicines, about patients’ response to treatments in order to generate insights that all parties can use to improve patient outcomes. Indeed, patients receive the best treatment when doctors are fully-informed of the properties of new medicines and pharmaceutical companies know how medicines work in practice and where the gaps in treatment are. That involves a well-regulated, constant scientific dialogue in both directions. Collaborations and partnerships between HCPs and industry are subject to stringent legislation and require that all parties respect high ethical standards.

EFPIA is committed to introducing greater transparency around industry’s interactions with HCPs and the organisations for which they work in order to provide a well-managed framework for collaboration.

With this in mind, this platform provides a comprehensive basis for understanding the industry’s interactions with HCPs, and responds to any questions that you may have on the topic.

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By Country

The relationship between health care practitioners and the organisations for which they work is already monitored and regulated in many countries. Here you can find a list of codes monitoring HCP and industry interaction in different countries.


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