Codes of Conduct


The Associations represent the specific interests of pharmaceutical companies operating in Hungary. Their members acknowledge their responsibility in devising and implementing ethical pharmaceutical marketing communication, in their effort to provide right and broad ranging information that truly reflects the role of industry and trade in the Hungarian healthcare system, in the interest of public health.

The legal environment regulating marketing practice for medicinal products in Hungary and the provisions therein shall be used as background regulation for the Code.

To repeat legal norms is no purpose of this Code. Rather the Code completes the legal text and with it provides comprehensive guidance for people working in pharmaceutical industry – in a wider sense - for Healthcare Professionals to work lawfully and ethically. - 4 - Marketing practice must therefore simultaneously satisfy the provisions of this Code and all applicable legal statutes. Hence in doubtful cases the activity must be undertaken with adherence to the stricter rules that apply to that activity.

The Code complies with the minimum requirements of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Associations (EFPIA) European Code of Practice.

This Code has been approved by the respective decision making bodies of the Associations. Only the General Assemblies have the right to amend this Code and the General Assemblies shall authorize the Board of MAGYOSZ / AIPM Executive Committee to amend and align the Code as necessary in their own authority whenever changes to relevant legislation occur.

The General Assemblies of MAGYOSZ and AIPM approved the original text of the Code on April 10, 1995 and May 9, 1995, respectively.

Current amended text of this Code became effective after the ally of Association of the Hungarian Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors Interest and “Immunity” Vaccine and Immunbiology Product Manufacturers, 1 March, 2012. The provisions in Articles 1-19 of Chapter 4 should be complied with not later than the 30th day past the effective day. The provisions shall apply to cases started after the effective day.

The member companies of the Associations commit themselves to strictly adhere to the letter and spirit of this Code and recommend compliance with and use of this Code for all non-member natural persons and legal entities active in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, trade, advertising and communications in Hungary. Any pharmaceutical market stakeholder or association is free to join the signatories to this Code.