Codes of Conduct


In order to comply with the provisions of statute law and the rules laid down by the Codes of Conduct of European and international federations of the pharmaceutical industry (EFPIA and IFPMA), Farmindustria has drawn up a Code of Professional Conduct in form of a voluntary agreement entered into by the pharmaceutical companies belonging to Farmindustria. The Code sets out to regulate relations not only between companies but also their relations with the scientific and health sectors.

All member companies of Farmindustria must accept and comply with the provisions of the Code of Professional Conduct. Are excluded from the scope of this Code:

  • Activities aimed at disseminating of non-promotional information, general information about companies (such as direct information to investors or the press), including financial data and descriptions of research and development, provided that healthcare professionals are present in amounts not prevalent.
  • Institutional events organized by pharmaceutical companies on issues that go beyond promotional information, which are of interest to a variety of individuals from all areas potentially affected, which are held in right locations and in which health professionals are present in amounts not prevalent.

The Code represents the commitment of the industry not only to abide by specific laws in force but also to operate on the basis of transparent standards of conduct that regulate the various circumstances in which corporate activities take place.

The regulations constituting the subject matter of the Code of Professional Conduct have been drawn up in the general interest and to safeguard the prestige and honour of the pharmaceutical industry towards the state, public opinion, the medical profession and healthcare operators in general.