Codes of Conduct


The present Code of Deontology guarantees that the activities of the pharmaceutical companies in providing information on or advertising the medicinal products they market takes place within a quality scientific framework that takes due account of the justified interests and expectations of the various health care players, including those of patients. The Code is also designed to ensure that the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to continuous training and research on medicinal products is of the very highest standard.

The Code of Deontology concerns medicinal products for human consumption, as defined by article 1 of the law of 25 March 1964 on medicines, whether subject to prescription or not, and whether reimbursable or not. Reagents and diagnostic products as well as medicinal products for veterinary use are governed by their own set of rules.

The Code of Deontology applies to all means implemented with a view to promoting or providing information on medicinal products, to the interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals and to the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and patient organisations. It consequently includes rules regarding:

  • oral communication (medical informants)
  • written communication
  • samples
  • diffusion of scientific information on stands etc.
  • data storage and data transmission
  • granting of subsidies, premiums and advantages, and sponsoring
  • invitation of health professionals to scientific events
  • invitation of patients to events
  • remuneration by pharmaceutical companies of scientific services rendered by health professionals
  • non-interventional scientific studies to which health professionals consent