Codes of Conduct


The main responsibility of the Pharmaceutical Industry is to develop new and efficient medicinal products, to improve existing medicinal products, and to provide reliable information about these products so that they will be of use to the individual patient.


The Industry, therefore, in addition to other marketing activities for such products, should organise professional meetings and contribute to the continuous improvement of the level of competency in the public health service. Such events are to be characterised by a high professional quality, and otherwise be of a moderate standard.

The marketing of medicinal products will be carried out in accordance with the following national and international rules:

  • All members of the FORUM have a duty to comply with the valid Medicinal Products Act and other applicable laws. All pharmaceutical companies have a duty to provide health care professionals (HCPs) with relevant, reliable and adequate information about the drugs they market.
  • The Rules are based on the set of rules adopted by the EFPIA which is the representative body for the European pharmaceutical industry and to which the FORUM is affiliated. EFPIA Code on the Promotion of Prescription-Only Medicines to, and Interactions with, Healthcare Professionals was adopted to bring them into full accord with Council Directive 2001/83/EC of November 2001 as further amended ( 2004 by Council Directive 2004/27/EC). In addition to this, the FORUM members are obliged to respect the provisions of the valid Slovene laws for marketing, advertising and advising on medicines.
  • The FORUM encourages competition among pharmaceutical companies. The FORUM Code is not intended to restrain the promotion of medicinal products in a manner that is detrimental to fair competition. Instead, it seeks to ensure that pharmaceutical companies conduct such promotion in a truthful manner, avoiding deceptive practices and potential conflicts of interest with healthcare professionals, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The FORUM Code thereby aims to foster an environment where the general public can be confident that choices regarding their medicines are being made on the basis of the merits of each product and the healthcare needs of patients.