Codes of Conduct


The Croatian Association of Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies (hereinafter referred to as: the Association) is the representative body of research-oriented manufacturers of medicinal products and medicinal devices that are duly organized and act in the Republic of Croatia in line with the applicable legislation.


Goals and activities of the Association are determined by its Statute and the mission of the Association is to support and promote the technological and economic development of research-based pharmaceutical industry acting in the territory of the Republic of Croatia by discovering, developing and marketing new medicines for the purposes of improving the quality of human health and health system in general.

Ethical conduct in promotion of medicinal products and devices is crucial for accomplishment of such mission since providing of objective, accurate and scientifically supported information on medicinal products and devices to healthcare professionals constitutes a prerequisite for passing rational decisions when prescribing medicinal products and devices to patients.

By adopting this Code of Conduct in the promotion of medicinal products and medicinal devices (hereinafter referred to as: the Code), the Association wishes to set forth transparent and clear rules and procedures applicable to its members in the promotion of medicinal products and devices to healthcare professionals in a manner which would ensure, to the largest extent possible, professional and ethical conduct, as well as transparency in practices for the purpose of achieving rational pharmacotherapy and ensuring high-quality health protection beneficial to the patients in the Republic of Croatia.

The Association encourages competition among pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the purpose of this Code is not to restrain or interfere with the promotion of the medicinal products and devices conducted in line with good business practice and not representing unfair competition. The purpose of this Code in to ensure that the members of the Association conduct promotion of medicinal products and devices in a fair and responsible manner, avoiding deceptive practices and potential conflicts of interest with healthcare professionals, to act in compliance with applicable Croatian laws and regulations, always observing political and social environment in which they are performing their business. The Code thereby aims to foster an environment where the general public can be confident that choices regarding their medicines by the healthcare professionals are made on the basis of the merits of each product and the healthcare needs of patients.