Codes of Conduct


The main responsibility of the Pharmaceutical Industry is to develop new and efficient medicinal products, to improve existing medicinal products, and to provide information to assure that these products will be of use to the individual patient.


The Industry, therefore, in addition to other marketing activities, should organise professional meetings and contribute to the continuous improvement of the level of competency in the public health service. Such events are to be characterised by a high professional quality, and otherwise be of a modest standard.

The marketing of medicinal products will be carried out in accordance with the rules described in this document.

All members of the Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers have a duty to comply with the Rules governing Drug Information as laid down by the Association. All pharmaceutical companies have a duty to provide health personnel with relevant, reliable and adequate information about the medicinal products they bring to market.

The Rules are based on the Code of practice adopted by the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (EFPIA), which is the representative body for the European pharmaceutical industry and to which the Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers is affiliated. The latest version of EFPIA’s Code of Practice on the Promotion of Medicines was adopted by EFPIA 5. October 2007 and will take effect no later than 1 July 2008. The code has been revised to make it fully consistent with Directive 2001/83/EC and Directive 2004/27/EC. The Rules also include regulations resulting from agreements of cooperation between LMI and the Norwegian Medical association and between LMI and the Regional Health enterprises. Reference is also made to the agreements between LMI and the Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NSF), the Norwegian Pharmacist Association and agreement between LMI and the Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (FFO). Moreover, reference is made to public laws and regulations.

The Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, together with the Norwegian Medical Association, have established the Committee for Drug Information which acts as a voluntarily and self-regulating supervisory body for all members of both associations. The Committee’s functions include ensuring that the Rules governing Drug Information are observed.