Codes of Conduct


The Pharma Code puts the above-mentioned codes of the international pharmaceutical industry associations into concrete terms for Switzerland. Code of Conduct of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Switzerland of December 4, 2003, revised on September 6, 2013 (to come into effect January 1, 2014).

Science industries, ASSGP, Intergenerika, Interpharma and vips engage that affiliated manufacturers and distributors of the pharmaceutical industry, in particular in interactions with health care professionals, health care institutions and patients’ organizations, pledge to comply with the following regulations which are based on the principles of ethics and honesty, and sign the corresponding declaration. The duty to observe the national law of Switzerland, in particular the law concering pharmaceutical products based on health law, which has priority in cases of doubt, remains unaffected by observation of this Code.

Additionally, companies that manufacture or distribute medicinal products in Switzerland, even though they do not belong to one of the aforementioned associations, may pledge to respect the Pharma Code regulations and its monitoring and enforcement.

These regulations are of particular relevance to the promotion of, and information about, medicinal products to/for health care professionals, the execution and the support of events providing information about medicinal products and the promotion to health care professionals for such; likewise, these regulations apply to events of postgraduate medical training and continuing medical education for health care professionals, non-interventional studies and the sponsoring of clinical trials with medicinal products by companies of the pharmaceutical industry as well as cooperation of such companies with patient organizations.

In cases where there has been an infringement of the Pharma Code, companies that have pledged to its observance will respect the appropriate enforceability rule and, as long as the corresponding proceedings are pending, as a matter of principle refrain from notifying Swissmedic, claiming a violation of the Swiss legislation on Therapeutic Products, or institute legal proceedings before a court, claiming unfair competition.