Codes of Conduct


Members of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) conduct medical and biopharmaceutical research in order to provide service to patients by offering high quality treatment opportunities. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture, investigate, promote, distribute and sell their drugs in compliance with ethical principles as well as the applicable norms and procedures in the fields of medicine and healthcare.

The following guiding principles are the key blocks of the vision document that shape the AIFD 2012 Code of Good Promotional Practice and Good Communication and constitute its philosophical and ethical infrastructure. Code of Promotion does not provide an answer for each situation and any problem to arise. In case of a matter not included into this document or where it is necessary to perceive the essence of the code, these Guiding Principles will assist companies and their representatives in ensuring that they do not lose sight of the ethical path in their relations with stakeholders.

  • The healthcare and well-being of patients are the first priority for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies will conform to the high standards of quality, safety and efficacy as determined by regulatory authorities.
  • Pharmaceutical companies’ interactions with stakeholders must at all times be ethical, appropriate and professional. Nothing should be offered or provided by a company in a manner or on condition that would have an inappropriate influence or perceived as such.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for providing accurate, balanced, and scientifically valid data on products.
  • Promotion must be ethical, accurate, balanced and must not be misleading. Information in promotional materials must support proper independent assessment of the risks and benefits of the product and its appropriate rational use.
  • Pharmaceutical companies will respect the privacy and personal information of patients and of healthcare professionals.
  • All clinical trials and scientific research sponsored or supported by pharmaceutical companies will be performed with the intent to develop knowledge that will benefit patients and advance science and medicine. Pharmaceutical companies are committed to the transparency of industry-sponsored clinical trials in patients.
  • Pharmaceutical companies should adhere to both the spirit and the letter of applicable industry codes. To achieve this, pharmaceutical companies will ensure that all relevant personnel are appropriately trained.