Codes of Conduct

Czech Republic

The pharmaceutical industry promotes the concept of good health, and a positive, health-oriented approach to daily living. Recognizing that medicines play a vital role in the prevention, amelioration and treatment of disease states, the industry undertakes:

  • to provide medicines that conform to the highest standards of safety, efficacy and quality;
  • to ensure that medicines are supported by comprehensive technical and informational services in accordance with currently accepted medical and scientific knowledge and experience;
  • to use professionalism in dealing with healthcare professionals, public health officials and the general public.

The industry is committed to the quality use of medicines and rationale prescribing, and supports that its products are used in accordance with the directions and advice of healthcare professionals. To ensure that the information is available upon which to make informed prescribing decisions, it is necessary for the manufacturer to disseminate to healthcare professionals the specialized product information gained during the research and development process, and from experience gained in clinical use. In doing so, the manufacturer draws attention to the existence and nature of a particular product by appropriate educative and promotional measures.

With the full cooperation of the industry, there is now adequate legislation designed to safeguard the public by ensuring that all products marketed meet standards of quality, effectiveness and safety which are acceptable in the view of present knowledge and experience.

While it is possible to legislate satisfactorily for the testing, manufacture and control of Medicinal Products, appropriate standards of marketing conduct cannot be completely defined by the same means. For this reason, responsible manufacturers, members of AIFP (the “Members”) have concurred in the promulgation of the Code of Conduct and submitted to its constraints.

Members of AIFP commit to market and promote their products within the strictest ethical principles. Promotion (as is defined below) must:

  • never be such as to bring discredit upon, or reduce confidence in, the pharmaceutical industry,
  • be of a nature which recognizes the special nature of medicines and the professional standing of the recipient(s), and
  • not be likely to cause offence.

The Members commit particularly not to implement any practice or activity that will ‘lock’ prescribers in schemes aiming at generating prescriptions in exchange of incentives (goods, services or financial). Grants, scholarships, subsidies, support, consulting contracts, invitations for congresses or educational or practice related items must not be provided or offered to a healthcare professional in exchange for prescribing products or for a commitment to continue prescribing products. Nothing may be offered or provided in a manner or on conditions that would interfere with the independence of a healthcare professional’s prescribing practices.