Codes of Conduct


Lif, IGL and PFL work to provide the pharmaceutical industry with the best possible conditions to research, develop, market, distribute and inform about medicinal products thus ensuring broad and fast access for patients to the best medical treatment.

For this purpose, it is firstly required that relevant information about medicinal products is available to healthcare professionals etc., and secondly that the information is exchanged in an ethically responsible and transparent way. These ethical rules aim to ensure this.

Since 1973, the promotion activities of pharmaceutical companies have been regulated and controlled on a voluntary basis. These ethical rules complement and supplement Danish and international law in the field, and place further and/or stricter demands on the activities of the pharmaceutical companies in a number of fields, than what follows from law and the previous co-operative agreement.

The ethical rules are updated on a regular basis and regulate the members of the three associations (including affiliated companies) and their:

    • Promotion of medicinal products towards healthcare professionals, also including printed promotion and information material
    • Interaction with healthcare professionals

In general, companies must ensure that their promotion material (including websites etc.) contains appropriate, factual, balanced and verifiable information, and that all other activities are appropriate and fair.