Brussels, 16 Ocotober 2012: EFPIA is committed to building trust in how the pharmaceutical industry conducts its business and interacts with key stakeholders. For that reason we have strongly supported Commissioner Tajani’s initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility in the pharmaceutical sector, with its emphasis on the industry’s relationships with its key stakeholders. One of the most important relationships that the industry has is with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Clinical testing, appropriate use, adverse event reporting and the identification of unmet needs all depend on professional scientific exchanges between the industry and HCPs and all are vitally important for patients and public health in general.

The existing, well-established framework of codes of ethics and national regulations has ensured that industry/HCPs interactions are conducted to the highest standards.  However, we recognise growing public interest  in understanding the nature and extent of these relationships and the role that greater transparency can play in addressing this interest. We are at the earliest stages of discussing how to do this. Our first step will be to enter into a dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, including physicians, hospitals and patient groups to identify how we can work together towards greater transparency. We will also be developing a code to guide our members.